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"To learn to paint with a brush, a student must first master the pencil."

An old Italian proverb

If you are determined to uncover the artist within you, Masters in the Making Art Workshops® can help you  to achieve  your goal.

Since we all have the inherent capability to process knowledge, codify experience, organize thought, and above all visualize and create from our imagination, we are all artists by instinct.

However, in order to connect and stay connected to our inner artist, it is essential that we master the principles of art.  By demonstrating key expressive drawing principles, my workshops will show students how to liberate their creative forces by applying the primary tools of drawing: line, shape, space, texture, tone and value, rhythm, repetition, equilibrium, movement, emphasis, and unity.

My approach to teaching art is straightforward. Learning how to use the primary tools through exploration of the fundamental principles of art is the shortest distance and most creative method to master your own language of expression where the road to boundless originality in the creation of art becomes yours to take, yours to identify with, and yours to express to others. I conceived Masters in the Making to inspire, cultivate, and complement your own instinctive artistic inclination. Beginners with no prior art experience, advanced students, or artists looking to recharge and expand on their own perspectives will find my workshops stimulating and challenging.

Discover how to build on, stay connected with, create, and
appreciate art to the fullest

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One workshop:  Five 90-minute classes      

This workshop series will teach students to speak the language of art by learning to organize the elements of drawing using the principles of art as guidelines. Students will also study how to use the black to white tonal spectrum as a foundation leading to using color with confidence.


Three workshops: Each workshop has three 90-minute classes 

Each workshop series will take the students through a methodical progression toward mastering a specific art topic.

Students will learn about the color wheel, primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, as well as methods to achieve dynamic equilibrium through harmony in color application.

This workshop will be a forum for students to explore the intricacies of composition.

Students will learn how to look at objects and break them down into simple lines, shapes and form as well as study how light and shadow effect depth and distance in a pictorial composition.


Two workshops: Each workshop has five 90-minute classes 

Face and Features: Students will study the proportion of the head, how to capture facial features by learning highlight and shadow placement on the planes of the head, as well as techniques for developing hair texture.

Human Body: An introduction to artistic anatomy and drawing techniques to define form, proportion, and scale  in adults, children, and infants.



Four workshops: Each workshop has three 90-minute classes 

This 4-workshop series will introduce students to the art of sketching as a means to analyze the elements of the natural or imagined landscape. Mastering the basics of sketching will free the student from copying photographs and the use of grids, and, instead, concentrate on producing artwork through observation and application.           

1.      Introduction to Sketching Landscapes: How to express what you see

2.      Drawing landscape elements 1: Sky, land, water

3.      Drawing Landscape elements 2: Plants, shrubs, trees

4.      landscape DRAWING: Bringing the elements together



— Workshops will be held at your facility or at an agreed upon community center.

— Each workshop is five lessons, 90 minutes each— unless otherwise noted.

— Maximum students per workshop: 12—unless otherwise noted.

— Fee: $175.00 plus $35.00 art supplies per student.  


To arrange for an appointment where we can discuss your organization's goals, and for program information, availability, location, schedules, art supplies, and fees, please contact Claire: 770 561-3424 or email:  





CHILDREN’S WORKSHOP (age 6 and up)
Trained in Italy as a pedegogista in the Montessori Method and Emilia Romagna Approach, I created this workshop to offer children a-high school-level course in basic drawing elements and principles, but made it friendly enough for a 6 year old to follow. 

Regular Program

Once a week, five 90-minute classes
Fee/per student: $175.00 plus $20.00 for art supplies. 

Quarterly program
Twelve 90-minute classes
Fee/per student: $350.00 plus $40.00 for art supply


Infusing art and culture in Sicily

Workshop for September 2016, completely booked

Next workshop: Spring 2017, Workshop's details will be available winter 2017

This content-rich workshop will offer students the opportunity to experience the process of art,
  from theories to practice, while they revel in interacting with medieval cities, ancient historical sites, breathtaking mountain vistas, splendid coastal lines, quaint villages with their own vibrant popular culture, and delectable island gastronomy. Infusing, therefore, the process of learning art with emotional responses resulting from merging with a culture so opulent with historical references will surely inspire your imagination and ignite your artistic potential. Workshop includes five topics:
Elements of drawing and principles of art dynamically re-interpreted; Art and Aesthetics; Realism versus Abstraction; Drawing from life; Drawing from imagination.

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