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Engraving Plate: Taormina, Sicily

Palazzo Santo Stefano, Taormina, Sicily

Engraving: Messina, Sicily

Engraving: Villa Taormina, Sicily


Join Masters in the Making Art Workshops!

We turned Infusing Art & Culture in Sicily into
a unique personal experience 

Siracusa, Sicily

Noto, Sicily


Trevi Fountain, Rome

Pantheon, Rome

Piazza Navona, Rome

Villa Adriana, Tivoli, Near Rome

Eight-day Workshop & Tour

Rome, Tivoli, Ragusa, Noto, Siracusa


September 14 –21, 2017


Although I designed my workshops to be held in Sicily, the fact is we could take advantage of flight connections in Rome to give students the opportunity to see and feel some of the Eternal City's wonders. To do that, I divided this workshop/tour in two stages:           

Stage I: Sketching Tour in Rome and Tivoli

Destination: Private Villa & Garden, Tivoli (20 miles north-east of Rome) 

When: September 14–15, 2017

Highlights: Our guide, an Italian trained architect and lecturer specializing in the history of Italian architecture, will share with you the ins and outs of the historic city of Tivoli (founded in 13th c. BC) and the spectacular Villa Adriana (Hadrian’s Villa).  In addition, he will artfully give you key pointers on how to master expressive sketching.


The tour includes visiting three historical treasures of Rome:  

  • Trevi Fountain: a famed Baroque structure designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi in 1762),

  • The Pantheon (once a Roman temple and is now a church): an architectural masterpiece built around 118 AD. It was the first structure in the world where Roman engineers used concrete to build the cupola.

  • Piazza Navona: a magnificent urban space that was built on the site of an ancient Roman stadium, and then entirely renovated in the Baroque style during the 15th century.


Stage II: Color Pigments & Wine in Sicily
This Hands-on Restoration workshop includes
participation in the annual Sicilian celebration of the Vendemia (grape harvest)


Destination: Private Villa & Vineyard, Ragusa

When: September 16–21, 2017

Highlights: Spend six days in a classic old world Sicilian villa learning about color pigments and painting methods, while assisting a professional Italian team restore murals in the villas grand salon (originally painted by a local artist over 120 years ago).

Also, be prepared to roll up your sleeves as we spend one morning lending a helping hand to harvest grapes with our hosts family, friends, and farm hands. Afterwards we will enjoy a relaxing group lunch alfresco, local wine included. This workshop includes two-day trips to Noto and Siracusa.  



Register by June 16, 2017


Space is limited to eight students,

Effective workshop/Tour duration is eight days. Travel is extra,

For information on workshop, itineraries, accommodations, fees, terms & conditions, and art supplies options, please see me after class. or contact me and I will provide you with a copy of all details.


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