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ACRYLIC PAINTING II: Create Your Formula for Painting Landscapes


Art Supply List


Calculating Cost: Price of art materials will vary according to brand, quality, and place of purchase. In my workshops, I suggest using professional-grade acrylic paint rather than student-grade paint, which does not deliver the fine pigment color needed when learning about color temperature and color bias.


Suggested Supplies Needed for This Workshop

Please note: the brands listed below are products I use in both my workshop and practice. Their professional quality ensures superior performance. However, they are not mandatory. Please feel free to bring similar supplies you may already have. 


    1. Three Graphite Pencils: #2B, H, 4B 
    2. Eraser and pencil sharpener
    3. Sketchpad: 9” x 12”
    4. Canvas or canvas board or Gessoed hardboard: 9” x 12”
    5. Acrylic Paint: (Liquitex Acrylic Paint: Soft body or Heavy body) see list below,
    6. ACRYLIC PAINT BRUSHES (short handled, preferably an assortment of sizes: smaller #2 brushes for details, and small to medium sized #4 brushes, and medium sized # 6,8,10 brushes). Students would need the following: Five brushes (1 of each minimum:  Round, Flat, Bright, Angle, Filbert, plus One-inch Wash brush
    7. PALETTE KNIFE(S) medium
    8. PALETTE: suitable for acrylic (make sure its FLAT, and big enough to mix paint on)



Furthermore, at an absolute minimum you will need the following colors:

  • Naphthol red

  • Cadmium yellow light hue

  • Prussian blue hue

  • Mars black

  • Titanium white

Note: Adding the following three colors will allow you to achieve an even broader range of color, and enhance your color palette:

  • Cadmium red light hue

  • Naples yellow hue

  • Cobalt blue hue




The following accessories and materials are useful to have when you engage in an acrylic painting project. However, they are optional in the sense you decide whether you would need them or not. (Brands listed are what I demonstrate and let you try out in the workshop). For more information, please call, email, or see me after class.

·         Palette tray with storage lid

·         Disposable palette pads for easy clean up

·         Small spray bottle for water

·         Apron/gloves

·         Liquitex Gesso

·         Liquitex Super heavy gel

·         Liquitex Glazing medium to help paint flow and easy blending

·         Liquitex Palette wetting spray

·         Adjustable Wood Desk Table Easel that will accommodate up to 11” x 14” canvas 
   (make sure that it is sturdy, and will not tip over)



Where to buy art supplies






·         Hobby Lobby

·         Michaels

Please feel free to call me with any questions before you make a purchase. (770) 561-3424


*** For a printable list of material in PDF, please click here


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About Masters In the Making

Master’s in the Making Art Workshops ® teach you how to master art by giving you a rock-solid foundation on how to draw from your mind's eye.

Once you master the use of key factors related to each subject you study, all you have to do is add time to practice so you can develop your own style in creating art.

In my workshops, there is no copying or using grids. We use illustrations not as a means to replicate, but for study purposes and inspiration only. This is not a program where at the end of each class you have a finished product, but an exploration of your artistic potential as you learn how to see, think, and express yourself as an artist.

How to get the most out of my workshop?

1.      Take notes,

2.      Ask questions, and

3.      Share your experience with the class.

Fall 2018 Workshop
How to Master Acrylic Painting
with Claire Fratello

Brenau University
Learning and Leisure Institute (BULLI)
Gainesville, Georgia

Six-week course: Oct. 1-Nov. 5, 2018
(On Mondays)

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